Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nokia Drop Placed In Beta v1.2 | Mobile Video

nokia drop

           Nokia Drop - Another Nokia App

According to Nokia its new app Nokia Drop has now been updated to beta – one thats likely to come out as a commercial product, appearing Ovi Store. Nokia Drop is a simple app which allows you to push your content on to your device.

Nokia Drop Features:

  1. Nokia Drop allows you to change your wallpaper
  2. Allows you to send image to your phone (Note: images are send as a link and will be downloaded to mobile via Nokia Drop application)
  3. Send URL to your favourite phone browser (ie. Nokia Browser or Opera Mobile)
  4. Send map view or send selected location from
  5. It allows you to send feeds to Nokia Reader or to native browser web feed
This new 1.2 version:
  • Many quality improvements to the mobile client and even better localization

Here’s a video to explaining Nokia Drop

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